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Sweet Gift Jar (2.25l)

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Sweet Gift Jar (2.25l)
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This delightful Medium Victorian Sweet Jar (2.25L) is packed with yummy sweet treats to suit everyone tastes. This will make a lovely gift idea for someone special and if that someone special is YOU all the better!!

After all the treats are scoffed, you have a lovely  Victorian Sweet Jar which you can reuse for again  and again.  The Sweet Jar looks lovely as part of a candy buffet, and great for storing sweets, biscuits, or anything really as it comes with a screw top lid.


  • 3 x Assorted Cadbury Chocolate Bars (Dairy Milk, Mint Crisp, Golden Crisp, Wholenut, Tiffin, Fruit n Nut, Caramello)
  • 4 x Assorted Celtic Confectionery Sweet Bags
  • 4 x Caffrey's Macaroon/Mint Crisp Bars
  • 2 x Drumstick Squashies Bags

Contents may vary from time to time.

Simply add your personal label to make an ideal gift for or any occasion and your choice of Ribbon Colour.  Imagine someone's delight when they receive this personalised sweet gift jar...

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